Capacity Building Vertical

Business Unit 3: Capacity Building Vertical
The Climate Change Markets is the most visible result of early regulatory efforts to mitigate climate change. Regulation constraining carbon emissions has spawned an emerging carbon market that has been valued at US$170 billion (€121 billion) in 2010. Its biggest success so far has been to send market signals for the price of mitigating carbon emissions. This, in turn, has stimulated innovation and carbon abatement worldwide, as motivated individuals, communities, companies and governments have cooperated to reduce emissions. In spite of immense demand for professionals, this sector lacks experts and competent professionals.

  • Erda Illumine’s Business Unit 3 focuses on ‘Climate Change Capacity Building’ and assist in generating a band of competent professionals who can deliver efficiently in global carbon market through
  • You in your organizational role to form Climate Change Cell/Departments and to perform in the emerging Climate Change Environment. ‘Capacity Building’ vertical provides value to you through
    • Training - creating and sustaining a better trained carbon workforce through ‘GHG Professional Presentations /Courses /Programs’ who-in-turn will enhance the organization’s performance in this new environment
    • Staffing – providing temporary/permanent carbon professionals with specialized climate change domain knowledge and sector specific skill sets
  • You in your career to be an aspiring carbon professional ‘Capacity Building’ vertical provides value to you through
    • Training – These services include ‘GHG Professional Courses, Certifications and Workshops’ which are structured to prepare professionals for specific functionalities in the Carbon Space and to provide an edge to an aspirant both globally and locally. The aspirant may obtain ‘Certificate of Participation’ for the stipulated GHG Professional Workshop by participation and ‘Certificate of Merit’ for the stipulated GHG professional Course by meeting specific competency standards for various ‘GHG Professional Courses’.
    • Placements – providing carbon professionals temporary/permanent job opportunities