Clean Technology Vertical

Business Unit 1: Clean Technology Vertical
Technology impact would be felt only if it is adopted by a large population.

Erda Illumine through its associates has defined a dynamic Low Carbon Technology & Product Portfolio. Erda Illumine’s Business Unit 1 focuses on ‘Clean Technology Diffusion’ by enhancing the access to its Low Carbon Technology & Product Portfolio and brings about Technology Impact. ‘Clean Technology’ vertical provides value to you

  • Technology introduction and demonstration - these services make potential users more knowledgeable about availability of the ‘Technology & Product Portfolio’ and their possible applications.
  • Information and referral - Review Reports/Proposals/Project reports - these services provide potential users with a detailed overview of the ‘Technology & Product Portfolio’s’ characteristics, benefits, input costs, gross returns, risks and the market and regulatory factors. These measures seek to address limitations of expertise among both users and suppliers of technology, affect pricing and to stimulate and assist firms to take action.
  • Distribution/Logistics - these services provide direct access of the specific ‘Technology & Product Portfolio’ to potential users
  • Facilitation of Project Implementation - these services provide support for project implementation