Climate Change Vertical

Business Unit 2: Climate Change Vertical
With every changing day, novel studies and developments are emerging in the landscape of Climate Change Impact – Mitigation – Adaptation both globally and locally. All the developed and developing economies are taking serious stance towards mitigating and adapting to Global Warming. This emerging Climate Change Environment affects us directly or indirectly by

  • Questioning our actions and motivating US - to undertake green initiatives and at the same time
  • Compelling US to follow forms of regulations like carbon taxation, renewable purchase obligations etc. and incentives through direct subsidies, market based policy schemes like trading schemes, policies for promoting renewable and clean energy Erda Illumine’s Business Unit 2 focuses on ‘Climate Change Portfolio Management’ and assists you in your organizational role in the emerging Climate Change Environment of Awareness, Regulations, Policies, and Financial Instruments. ‘Climate Change’ vertical provides value to you through
  • Project/Expansion Scheme Reviews which cover Climate Change Asset/Liability assessment and recommendations
  • Climate Change Asset Generation which improves project/product financials and cover the entire process for
    • Revenue generation through Clean Development mechanism
    • Revenue generation through Voluntary Carbon Standard
    • Revenue generation through Renewable Energy Certificates
    • Revenue generation through Perform, Achieve and Trade
    • Government Subsidies
  • Climate Change Asset Management which cover market assessments, structuring and contracting transactions to maximize revenue, negotiating and drafting Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements and transfer assets
  • Reporting Schemes which cover Carbon Footprint estimation at the process levels following the guidelines of WBCSD protocol/ISO 14064 for base year and current year
  • Industry Specific regulatory updates which cover foresights of future business impacts due to forthcoming Regulations and Policies
  • Monitoring System Reviews which cover review of current MIS/Reporting Systems/Carbon Monitoring and Reporting Guidance/Monitoring & Verification Protocols

    Business Unit 2 provides value for your entire portfolio of existing and upcoming projects and keeps you updated so that your Company is prepared to adapt to any new regulation well in advance. Business Unit 2 helps you rethink your business strategies, prepares you for future growth and gain competitive advantage in the countries in which you operate.