What is Erda Illumine?

Erda Illumine is a global initiative which enables COLLABORATIVE ACTION from Organizations, Technology/Product providers, Carbon Professionals and Erda Illumine Professionals to accelerate towards a Low Carbon Economy.

Erda Illumine’s prime objective is to address the concerns around climate change. This requires

  • a fundamental transformation in the way each one of us perceive energy sourcing and energy use
  • redefining what we produce, trade and consume and
  • redefining how we produce –by widespread deployment of efficient and cleaner technologies image We at Erda Illumine, attain our objective through the following three strategic business units under the umbrella of ‘Low carbon solutions’
  • Business Unit 1: Clean Technology Vertical
    Focus on ‘Clean Technology Diffusion’ which includes /technology introduction and demonstration/information and referral/distribution and logistics and facilitation of project Implementation of Low Carbon Technology & Product Portfolio
  • Business Unit 2: Climate Change Vertical
    Focus on ‘Climate Change Portfolio Management’ which includes generation/transaction of Climate Change Assets (CER/VER/REC/EEC) through Clean Development Mechanism/Voluntary Carbon Standards/other similar mechanism forms and Government subsidies and management of Climate Change Liabilities due to regulation by aligning organizations in accordance with the upcoming national and global regulations so that the organizations can be a step ahead before any ordinance comes into effect.
  • Business Unit 3: Capacity Building Vertical Focus on ‘GHG Professional Presentations /Courses /Programs’ which includes providing sound evidence based information, tools and training for aspiring young carbon-professionals

Our Mission

To be the most effective enterprise in India to accelerate the transition to a resource efficient – low carbon economy through COLLABORATIVE ACTION. At Erda Illumine we continuously strive to develop new sustainable climate change initiatives and make them a common practice to create a Low Carbon Society. Erda Illumine’s Value Statements that would lead to Erda Illumine to its Mission are

  • Act in a boundary-less fashion – search for best ideas
  • Give customers a good fair deal
  • Adopt ways that will make it easier to do business with us
  • Be intolerant to bureaucracy
  • Stay Connected
  • Act such that there is a positive impact towards a Low Carbon Society